Utilizing our certified technicians, Xceed Machine Works offers a full range of repairs to various brands, styles and configurations of gear drives, multistage drives and power transmission equipment. Using the latest technology in test stand and vibration analysis equipment, our skilled trades technicians perform repairs ranging from minor to major overhauls and upgrades.

The Xceed Machine Works Advantage

  • Full range of repairs, minor to major overhauls and upgrades
  • Various brands, styles and configurations
  • Quality Repairs & Rebuilds to Factory Specifications
  • Comprehensive inspection, repair, overhaul and upgrade
  • AS FOUND x AS REPAIRED dimensional confirmation report, with digital photos and NDE results
  • Expedient turnaround, and all repairs come with a 1 year warranty
  • Fixed cost repair estimates
  • In-house expertise, tooling and resources
  • Sand blasting, media blasting, and conventional parts washing

Brands/Equipment Serviced

  • Major brands include Marley, Amarillo, Falk/Rexnord, Namco, SEW Eurodrive, Baldor, Dodge, SPX, Lufkin, Philadelphia, Hansen, Sumitomo, Cotta, OMSI and many more
  • Gearboxes
  • Multistage drives
  • Power transmission equipment
  • Fluid drives
  • Mixers
  • Fan Drives
  • Speed Reducers
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Our Team is Ready to Assist You!

Please contact us with any inquiries for evaluation, service, repair and/or manufacturing. We will provide a detailed quotation for review and consideration.


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Gear Drive Repairs