Durr Universal

Durr Universal has been part of the Dürr Group since 2018 and is a global provider of custom engineered ancillary equipment and solutions to the power generation, oil and gas, industrial processing, rail transportation, and backup power markets. For more than half a century, OEMs, EPCs, packagers, and end-users have relied on Dürr Universal to engineer acoustic and emission/filtration systems to meet their specific needs.

Our comprehensive single-sourced solutions meet environmental, regulatory, and operational requirements and help operators reduce costs, improve the efficiency of equipment, and achieve safety and compliance targets. We offer a systems portfolio featuring exhaust and inlet systems, including silencers, ducts, structural steel, dampers/diverters and filters for gas turbines, and diesel and natural gas engines.

We’ve been custom-engineering and perfecting ancillary equipment and solutions for more than a half century for both new and retrofit projects. We bring proven global experience with custom-designed systems installed on all major turbine brands. And we help customers around the world with applications from 5 megawatts to as large as several hundred megawatts meet clean, quiet air regulations safely and efficiently.

Dürr Universal manufactures a complete line of noise control and air filtration solutions for industrial processing within a wide range of industries, delivering thousands of quality components to the industrial power market each year. Whether your processing needs require standard silencing, custom silencing or filtration, we are your single source for a complete solution.

  • Blower Silencers

  • Absorptive Silencers

  • Vent Silencers

  • Industrial Fan Silencers

  • Vacuum Pump Liquid Separator-Silencers

  • Engine Exhaust Silencers

  • Filters and Filter-Silencers

  • ASME Code

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